Climbing Wall Panels and Kits

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Summit DIY Climbing Wall Panels and Kits are your solution to adding a climbing wall to your home.

The climbing wall kits are great for interior and exterior use, from the playground to the bedroom, it can be used as a climbing wall for kids or for adults.

The Summit Climbing Wall Kit contains enough climbing grips and holds to cover an average area of 2 square metres and includes a crash mat that is foldable for easy storage when not in use and with the digital installation manual it will be a breeze to create your chosen space into a climbing wall.

The Kilimanjaro and Kenya Climbing Wall Panels are great for indoor playgrounds, gyms and bedrooms. The panels come in a choice of colours and are pre fit with assorted grips, are ease to install and can be arranged horizontally for traversing, stacked vertically for climbing or staggered.

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