Climbing Grips and Holds

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Our Climbing Grips and Holds are locally made in South Africa using high quality polyurethane and you can use our climbing grips for a variety of projects:

  • You can build an Indoor or Outdoor Climbing Wall on any one of your existing home walls or build a  Bouldering Wall in your garage or storeroom.
  • You can transform playgrounds by adding Climbing and Traversing Walls at your students preschool, primary or high schools.
  • Home Walls.
  • Bedrooms, Playrooms and Living Areas.

Our sets come in a variety of shapes and colours for you to choose from and they are suitable for all age ranges and abilities.


  1. Our products are produced and made locally and we deliver to all regions in South Africa.
  2. Polyurethane grips provide superior strength and durability.
  3. Grips come in a range of shapes and colours for you to choose from.
  4. The grips are textured to provide maximum grip for your hands

We recommend using  eight to thirteen grips per square metre.
The amount of grips you use depends on your age and ability. Young climbers require more grips than older climbers.
You can use our grips and holds for a variety of projects indoors and outdoors. From updating your child’s jungle gym in the garden to their playroom or bedroom walls. Why stop there when you can turn your garage or storeroom into a bouldering cave.
You can fit the grips either  directly to concrete or onto wooden panels easily, to help you with installation we provide a free installation guide.

Find out more about our grips and holds, how to order and installations visit our product information page.

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