Crash and Landing Mats – Why Do You Need them?

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a climbing wall at home, setting up a playground at home or at school or looking for gymnastics, martial arts or aerial dance safety equipment – you’re first priority next to fun is your safety and the safety of children and students. Crash and landing mats are designed to meet a variety of needs across many sports and disciplines.

Below we look at crash and landing mats – why do you need them? What mats you require for different sports and what mats would best suit your needs.


Crash and landing mats are foam pads made in different sizes and densities depending on the application they are used for.

The main purpose of crash and landing mats is SAFETY.  Using a crash mat or landing pad helps prevent injury in the event of a fall. Making sure you have a crash mat at home provides peace of mind when your children are playing outside or indoors. Safety equipment is also a requirement of the law when you are operating a school or run your own climbing, gymnastics, aerial dance or martial arts gym or studio.

The Characteristics of a a Crash Mat or Landing Pad:

  • SIZE – the area of the mat or pad (length x width). We recommend large mats the higher the person is climbing or performing.
  • THICKNESS – the height of the mat from the ground up. In general the mat gets thicker the higher the person is climbing or performing.
  • FOAM TYPE – mats are filled with foam and come in solid, ribbed or chipfoam.
  • DENSITY – the compactness of solid foam ( the higher the density the firmer the foam). As a rule of thumb the higher the person is person is climbing or performing the less the density. We work with three different densities: 13, 16 and 18 density.
  • COLOUR – Crash mats and landing mats come in a variety of colours and sizes, as we manufacture each mat from scratch you can choose from standard and vibrant colours.
  • CUSTOM – Most of our mats come in standard industry sizes but if you have a specific mat or order in mind we are more than happy to assist you on your requirements. You can email with your enquiry.

Crash and landing mats come in a variety of standard sizes and are also available as either non folding or bi-folding  but can also be custom made to your specifications.

Climbing and Gymnastics Mats

 Climbing mats are used n climbing gyms and indoor and outdoor home climbing walls. They usually aren’t moved to often and are usually non folding.

The standard sizes for climbing mats are:

229cm(l) x 137cm(w) in a 10/20 or 40cm thickness 


300cm (l) x 198cm(w) in 20cm thickness

The length of the mats goes against the wall and the width projects out giving ample area for the climber to fall back into. If the length of the mat does not cover the wall another mat is required.

Bouldering Crash Pads

Most bouldering mats are used in the outdoors when climbers travel to climbing areas. For this reason a bi-folding mat is the most popular choice as it can be transported easily.

The standard sizes for bouldering crash pads are:

100cm(l) x 100cm (w) x 10cm thick. Folding to 50cm(l x 100cm (w) x 20cm

120cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 10cm thick. Folding to 60cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 20cm.

160cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 10cm thick. Folding to 80cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 20cm.

Toddler Crash Mats

Toddler crash mats provide soft cushioning for children while playing indoors or outdoors. Great indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

The standard sizes for toddler crash mats are:

300cm(l) x 148cm(w) x 10cm great for large spaces

200cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 10cm thick. Folding to 100cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 20cm thick. Great for children’s play areas and bedrooms. Folds for easy storage when not in use.

Aerial Arts and Exercise Mats

There are many different aerial arts, mat sizes will differ from yoga to silks and trapeze. The rule of thumb is the higher you go the larger the mat and lower the density. Mats in aerial dance are very important at training schools and studios.

It is general practice to use a standard yoga mat when doing aerial yoga as movements are controlled and close to the ground.

For aerial silks, trapeze and lyra we recommend different mats depending on the space you have:

For smaller spaces when working less than 1 – 1.5m above ground an exercise mat or foldable crash mat is ideal as you can fold and store when not in use. The standard sizes are as follows:

120cm(l) x 60cm (w) x 20cm thick.

150cm(l) x 60cm(w) x 20cm thick.

180cm(l) x 60cm(w) x 20cm thick. 

200cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 15cm thick. Folding to 100cm(l) x 100cm(w) x 30cm thick.

For larger spaces where heights are more than 1.5m we suggest our climbing mats which come in two different sizes and three different thicknesses:

229cm(l) x 137cm(w) or 300cm (l) x 1980mm(w). Thickness: 10cm/20cm or 40cm.


 300cm (l) x 198cm(w) in 20cm thickness.

Pole dancing mats are circular, fold in two and have handles for easy transportation and storage . Below is the standard size when in use:

160cm (Diameter) x 10cm (Thickness)

Climbing & Bouldering Crash Mat
toddler crash mat


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